Emily's Star outside their premises rented from local abortion facilitator killing Trisomy 18 babies

Despite living in Milton Keynes, I had not heard of the local registered charity: Emily’s Star. That was until a colleague asked me to deliver a donation of tiny knitted mittens and hats to them. The charity raises awareness of Trisomy 18, the UK’s second most common syndrome after Downs. Emily’s Star provides neonatal boxes of gifts for mums and their premature babies. The Founder named the charity after her daughter, Emily, who passed away 26 days after an emergency cesarian section. Doctors found she had Trisomy 18. Unlike Downs Syndrome, Trisomy 18 is usually fatal, with less than ten per cent of babies getting to see their first birthday but some living past their tenth.

Emily's Star help Trisomy 18 babies but rent from an abortion facilitator where Trisomy 18 babies are killed.

To Tragedy

I researched Emily’s Star and was impressed. However, a few months later, on a shoot photographing Acorn House, a freshly decorated office block on Midsummer Boulevard, my love for the charity began to unravel like a ball of wool. Milton Keynes Community Foundation runs Acorn House. Julia Anne Upton, MBE, is CEO and had some years previously, allowed an abortion clinic to become a tenant. The regulator Care Quality Commission described the abortion business as a “busy clinic, open six days a week. On average, it carries out approximately 34 abortions each week”. I have been fighting this human abattoir since 2010. But, unfortunately, their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: [Isaiah 59:7]. In 2014 there were 234 babies with Trisomy 18 murdered by their mothers in abortion facilities like Acorn House in England and Wales. These babies needed their mums loving arms to comfort them no matter how short their lives were forecast to last. But in abortion facilities such as those provided by Milton Keynes Community Foundation, these tiny babies are tossed in the biological trash or liquidated by a high-powered vacuum. And now I was taking photos and noticing that Emily’s Star’s new office was inside this house of horrors!

Abortion Facilitators Milton Keynes Community Foundation rent their Westcroft premises to Emily's Star and the Community Shop.

Stinking Hypocrites!

Why on earth would a charity that champions Trisomy 18 babies want to operate under the same roof as an abortion business which kills Trisomy 18 babies? Do they not see any compromise or at least hypocrisy? Emily’s Star website even thanks Milton Keynes Community Foundation for their support and funding! Yes-FUNDING! I suggest that money received for murdering a baby, including those with Trisomy 18, is used for paying rent to the Milton Keynes Community Foundation, which then gives it to Emily’s Star as a grant. And without the slightest pang of guilt: Emily’s Star use this blood money grant to further its work raising awareness of Trisomy 18 babies! ​

Trisomy 18 Charity

Blood Money Welcome Here

I am not calling for a boycott on supporting Emily’s Star. But I have the most urgent advice. Firstly, I ask Emily’s Star to consider the damage to its public relations by remaining in a building where 1,756 babies per year enter but only their mum exit alive.

Secondly, Emily’s Star gives the notice to vacate Julia Anne Upton’s Acorn House [which is now under the leadership of Ian Revell].

Milton Keynes Community Foundation's Grants are made up in part of monies received from aborting unborn children.

Thirdly, Emily’s Star stop receiving monies from Milton Keynes Community Foundation, which facilitate and receive funds from said infanticide. Milton Keynes Community Foundation earns this blood money by destroying the very babies that Emily’s Star aims to help.

Lastly, I strongly request that CEO Ian Revell swiftly end this ongoing child slaughter. Ian must arrange a funeral service to remember all infants murdered on his watch and Julia’s at Acorn House.

God tells us to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them [Ephesians 5:11]. All babies deserve our nurture and defence. Men need to rise up and protect these babies that their mothers readily destroy. Over 98% of abortions are for nothing more than social reasons! There is no excuse for the shedding of innocent blood in God’s eye.

Acorn House of Horrors where babies are murdered


New Postcode Old Morals

Today, almost a year after I asked Emily’s Star to move out of the abortion facility that kills Trisomy 18 babies — they did. But only to drive four miles across town into a new office in Westcroft owned by the same abortion facilitator’s they just left! Emily’s Star are in the same building as the scandalous Westcroft Community Shop. My video exposing them can be seen here. The same cycle of rent, blood-money grants, and hypocrisy continues. I have now lost the little respect I had for this charity. If Emily’s Star truly cared for ANY baby, it would show it in its actions and not just words! The time to boycott is NOW!

Babies affected by Trisomy 18 need loving not aborting

Update: 9/January/2023

Emily’s Star continues to pay rent to abortion facilitators Milton Keynes Community Foundation. Emily’s Star also continue to apply and receive more blood-money grants, such as £3,000 in May 2021 and £2,636 in March 2022.